In this age of fake news, dishonest and lying politicians who refuse
to put the country they were elected to serve above personal gain,
and corporations focused only on the bottom line rather than on very simple principles like honesty and ethics, you must insist on TRUTH
in all your dealings.

But first you must DEFINE and FIND the truth. Today we are people who can no longer recognize the truth OR define it. We cannot define something as simple as male and female, much less define something as important as right and wrong!

There is a source of truth which has stood the test of time. Just one source. Only one.

We can easily help you verify the above statement.

When you have questions ... we have answers.

We'd like to show you that God is loving and real, Jesus is who He

claimed to be, and how the Holy Spirit can become the most
indispensable source of knowledge and strength you have
ever encountered in your entire earthly life. We hope you
have an inquiring, honest mind. (Honesty of mind does

not mean we won't welcome skeptics and doubters.

We most certainly will, and always have.)

Remember, though ... because God is real ... hell is real too.